About Us

Welcome to our website. We are Irish retailers of the official Nokaxus brand gaming chairs. These chairs have received over 6,000 positive reviews from across the web.If you are looking for a top of the range chair for those long hours in front of the computer whether it be for gaming or even for working in then you have come to the right place.

The Nokaxus gaming chairs are made from high quality materials that are built to last. They are SGS Class 3 certified (you can read about what this means here) and they come with all of the functions you would expect from a top gaming chair including a lumbar and neck support pillow (removable), 360 degree wheels, height adjustment and a 180 degree reclining feature. Not only that but the lumber support pillow is a massage pillow also!

The Nokaxus gaming chairs are stocked in the UK and the EU (for Ireland) so the shipping times are approximately 3 - 7 working days in total. All of the chairs come with a 24 month warranty so you know that they are top quality.

Our goal here is simple. Provide high quality products at a much better price than the competition. We understand that when shopping for a gaming chair can be confusing as there are many on the market. We have tried to make this process as simple as possible and we offer a small range of high quality chairs. 

Why shop with us:

-We are SSL secure so you know that shopping with us is safe.

-Top class customer service.

-Delivery is free nationwide.

- Fast shipping times.

- High quality gaming chairs backed up by a 24 month warranty.